Introducing Hexagone

After a long time developing a variety of mobile applications, we’re finally ready to embark on our first major game project! It’s very exciting! Can you feel my excitement? Maybe not, but trust me, I’m excited! So, it is with great pride that I make our official announcement to the world: Rocket Bird is producing our first game: Hexagone!

Promo - Hexagone

Hexagone is an action / strategy game for iOS and Android. You control one of up to four differently colored hex factions, and your goal is to eliminate all the opposing colors. Each hex tile generates a steady stream of power. You can direct this power at an adjacent tile to reduce the energy level of that tile. When your power overwhelms the tile, you gain control of it. The more tiles you control, the greater your energy production.

This is a game about strategy and force deployment. Where will your actions give you the greatest control of the map? Is it better to fight against the strongest enemy tiles, or sneak around and take over the weakest tiles? Control choke points to stop enemy reinforcements. Interrupt supply chains to win the long battles. In 3 or 4 player games, is it better to expand rapidly and make yourself a target? Or is it better to slowly amass a powerful force and let your opponents duke it out?

The concept is simple, but the gameplay possibilities are immense! Different map layouts can create fundamentally different challenges and experiences. Symmetrical maps will test your skills and reflexes. Asymmetrical maps will put different strategies to the test.


Okay, so there’s the marketing stuff out of the way. From this point on, this blog is going to give you a look at how this small indie company is working on our first game. My next post will give you a bit of an overview of the game, and go into its background a bit. Follow along! You’ll laugh (at us)! You’ll cry (in horror)

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